DIY Website Design — Tips and Recommendations

Did you know you can build your own website for FREE?  This article briefly explains the process and directs you to five websites that offer this free service.

What Do You Need?

Firstly, it’s a good idea to think about exactly what it is you want to offer through your website.  Do you need to sell products or services?  Do you want to have a blog post facility?  Will you need to be able to accept transactions through your site?  Make a list of websites you have seen that you like the look of and those you find easy to use.  What is it about those sites that you find appealing? Making notes on these things before you start, will help you make decisions in the creative part of the website design.  Trust us, when you get started, there will be a LOT of options presented to you!  By having your likes already in mind, it will help you work through this part of the process a little faster.


We’ve chosen five sites to recommend you visit for DIY website design.  But keep in mind, there are hundreds!  Choose the one that feels right for you!  Our top picks are as follows: is one of the most popular website builders in the world.  It is easy to navigate and customize, including several apps available to build functionality into your site. offers professional themes and layouts that bring any business or blog to life with style and easy-to-use functions. is bold and beautiful in its creativity.  Brands you may be familiar with, all over the world, have utilized Squarespace for their website needs. is another one of the easiest-to-use website builders you’ll find.  It is in close competition with as being a top choice. is another favorite because of its ease of use.  Clean, clear choices that guide you to building a custom website that suits your business perfectly.

Get Started

Once you have an idea of what you like the most (in the way of layout/feel/voice), then it is time to start creating.  The companies that offer this DIY website creation want to make it as smooth an experience as possible, but you might feel a little overwhelmed at first as you learn how to navigate your chosen site’s program.  Be patient with yourself and with the system.  Iit is wise to write your content in a word processing software then copy and paste into your website builder so as to avoid losing anything in the unfamiliar program.  Write up your pieces in your word processor as discussed before, and bring them over to your website builder one at a time, being sure to proofread as you go.  It’s also a GREAT idea to ask someone else to look over the text for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.  This is your business on the line!  You want to make a good first impression with your professional website.


Once you have everything ready to go, you will publish your website to the internet.  This might feel a little scary, but don’t worry!  You will always be able to edit and change things if/when the need arises.  You are very likely going to have some “bugs” to work out, that is completely normal.  This IS your first website by the way!  Now it’s time to let people know how to find you by advertising on social media, emailing your current customers, and including the site on business cards.

Become familiar with the functions and features you’ve chosen, as you may get phone calls from customers trying to navigate through the site for something in particular.

Then, get ready to watch your website bring you new engagement and productivity!

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