How To Increase Customer Loyalty In An Online World

In today’s world, with an ever-increasing amount of information and products readily available at your fingertips, customers are well informed and can easily choose between a variety of companies and providers. The need to stand out is therefore more crucial than ever.


As it is five times more expensive to attract new customers than to retain your existing ones, what can you do to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty? What can you do to prevent them from jumping ship and going to a competitor?

Keep Your Promise

For the majority of shoppers, product quality is the main reason they keep buying from the same brand. In an online business, high quality product images, videos that show products in use, tutorials and infographics are powerful tools that help the customer decide if they would like to order your product. Another predominant factor influencing a customer’s buying decision is online reviews. If you deliver what you promise and meet your customers’ expectation from their first purchase, they will keep on buying from your site.

Make it Personal

Small touches, such as a personalized email thanking them for registering with your business, sending them a discount offer or coupon for purchasing their first product from you or simply having your website address your customers by their name will go a long way in making them feel appreciated.


Show them that you are interested in their individual needs by tracking their preferences based on their current and past search history or purchases. Then you can send them personalised recommendations and tailored product selections.


To make them feel extra special, celebrate their birthdays and their registration anniversary by offering a free product or added discount. How about giving them access to promotional deals, exclusive events, a sneak preview on upcoming products or allowing them to give feedback on a new feature on your website before it goes live?

Make It Easy

A consistent design and layout of your website and/or mobile platform not only helps build your brand awareness, but also makes it easy for your customers to navigate your site. One should not underestimate the value of consistency when making products/services available on multiple devices.


Make critical information such as pricing, shipping and return policies easy to find. Save your customers time by allowing them to narrow down their search with filters. As described above, use visual means such as high quality photos of your products to help them be sure of their choices. You’ll also want to give them all the relevant information they need in order to make an informed decision on their purchase.


Pivotal in the online ordering process is the check out. Make sure it is as smooth as the rest of the online shopping experience. This can be achieved by offering different payment options, allowing customers to store personal and credit card information in your secure site, reminding them of loyalty or promotional discounts they can use during checkout and sending a reminder to customers that did not finish their transaction. You can further entice your customers by offering them an additional discount if they complete the purchase by a set deadline.


To establish a relationship and show your customers that you value them even after they have made their purchase, send them a post-purchase customer satisfaction survey. This gives your customers the opportunity to provide vital information on how you can improve your products and service as you gauge their feedback.


Engage with your customers on social media and use it as a marketing tool. Some people really enjoy tagging friends, sharing their favorite stores, posting about their favorite product or brand including pictures, ratings, reviews, etc. If shoppers make social media updates about your brand or product, make sure to like, retweet and share them to keep the engagement active.

Be Supportive

Just as much as speed and efficiency matter, the quality in online customer support is equally important, if not more so. You can do this by answering questions, solving problems, and proactively engaging rather than focusing on metrics such as wait time and turnover rate.

Creating a positive customer experience strengthens the customer-brand relationship. From the first time a potential customer clicks on your website to the post-purchase care and support, make sure that interacting with your business is a satisfying experience because a satisfied customer will always be happy to either come back and/or recommend your brand, products and services.

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