10 Reasons to Invest in a Website

What do you do if you hear about a company, business or service that you are interested in learning more about? You guessed it. You google it. But you cannot find them online, so you start wondering… do they really exist? How can you find out more? The Yellow Pages? Talk to people who know about them? Drive past the company to check them out in person given you know their location/address? Too much time, too much effort, too much hassle. For many, if they aren’t able to find what they want online, they will forget about them as quickly as they heard about them.

Living in a world where we constantly check information online, you can easily see why investing time and money in a website is incredibly important. Let us give you 10 reasons why it will be worth it.

1 Be visible
Since the majority of people don’t just like to look up information online, but also like to buy online, how will they find you and buy your services and products if you do not have a website? For small business owners, it should be interesting to note that search engines, such as Google, are largely focusing on local results. Therefore, it should go without saying that getting a website up and running is crucial to business.

2 Gain credibility
A website doesn’t just make you visible, it also lets people decide if you are trustworthy and if they would like to do business with you. A professionally done website that features your company’s history, information on you and your staff, the board of directors for bigger companies, certifications, business partners and testimonials help to instill confidence in your business and what you are offering as well as the credibility of your business.

3 Reach your target audience
Rather than being limited to the people of a small geographic area finding their way to your store, you can potentially reach billions of people in an instant. You get the opportunity to grow and expand your customer base in a faster and easier way.

4 Be competitive
Your competition has a website. People can search for them and find them. Your competition is accessible to the customers, whereas you are not if you do not have a website. You are losing sales and missing out on growing your business. Do you really want to let this happen?

5 Be available 24/7
If you do not have a website, you need to rely on customers coming to your store during opening hours. On top of that, if they do come to your store, they may not even be buying anything from you. Having a website means your customers can find you any time of the day, anywhere around the world. They can contact you and buy from you in the comfort of their own home, even if it is 3 a.m. in the morning.

6 Save costs
Websites are easier to setup and maintain than a lot of people think. If you hire someone to design it for you or if you try to have a go at it yourself, once it’s up and running, you are able to reach an entire new audience and maintain it at a relatively low cost. It is one of the most effective advertising, marketing and sales tools you could ever have. Always remember though to check out your competition’s online presence and to update your website with the latest information on your products and services.

7 Grow your revenue
Since a website allows you to reach a market that you would never be able to reach otherwise, it is safe to say that the only direction, for your sales to go is up! What you really want is not just customers that make a one-off purchase, but for customers to come back and keep buying from you. Your website can help you turn potential customers into loyal ones. From letting people sign up, to a regular free newsletter, to subscriptions and exclusive promotional offers – you choose which means you would like to use to keep your customers interested and have them coming back for more.

8 Be more efficient
Having a website means you can save time. Just to give you a couple of examples: sending out emails to your customers takes seconds. Imagine if you had to post letters! Updating information on your website, depending on how much content needs updating, only takes a few minutes. Creating a new brochure or flyer would not just take a considerable amount of more time but also money.

9 Gain a better idea of what your customers need
There are different ways to find out what your customers are looking for, or how happy they are with your service and/or your products. You can use online forms, questionnaires and surveys or you can use free tools such as Google Analytics. It allows you to gain valuable information ranging from who is visiting your website, how many of the viewers of your website bought something, to how much time they spent on your website. If you want to boost your sales, spending time on analyzing this data is a must.

10 Communicate better
A website enables you to answer questions through a Q&A section, forms and videos, etc. You can also help customers through an online support feature. New products and sales initiatives can be instantly advertised on your website. You can use social media to draw people’s attention to your offers by providing links to your website.

There are so many benefits to having a professional website. It is not just a way of showcasing who you are and what you are offering, but it is also a way of reaching millions of people at once, communicating with your customers, finding out what they want, being able to adjust to their needs. The result is an increase in your sales and business as a whole.

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