Grab Your Customers’ Attention: Break Away From The Digital Noise!

Everywhere we look, our eyes, ears and minds are bombarded with advertisements. That goes for every one of YOUR customers, too! So how can you break away from the rest? How will you grab your customers’ attention when they’re exposed to thousands of pieces of advertising every single day? Here are four tips that will help you stand out from the digital noise.


1. Speak TO them, not AT them.

The human brain is an amazing instrument. When it comes to advertising, our brain can decide it wants to block out irrelevant or unuseful information. It does this because it simply cannot absorb all of the information coming at it. This is especially true for things like banner ads. There’s actually a term for this phenomenon–banner blindness. But that doesn’t mean businesses can’t break through and reach their customers.


The words to note in the previous paragraph were “irrelevant” and “unuseful”. Those are the first things to be blocked by a brain that is trying to decide what to take in. Therefore, you want to ensure your content is not only interesting, but also helpful and useful, perhaps even entertaining and surprising. Use your marketing real estate to display the value of your products or services. Speak to your customers’ emotions and needs. Solve problems and let them imagine a better life with what you’re offering.


2. Know your customer

The first step in ensuring you’re speaking to your customers is figuring out exactly who they are. Of course, you might think you’d like to market to every person on the planet, but that isn’t going to happen. If your marketing is delivered with too broad a message, it will not hit home with the right people who might genuinely have been interested in your product or service otherwise. You need to identify a specific market segment that you’re going to chase–a group of people with shared interests and needs.


By having a specific customer persona in mind, you can think about her needs specifically and then speak to those needs in your marketing.This may affect the methods you implement, the words you use and the timing of your approach. All of those things are worth considering if you hope to have an effective campaign.


3. Keep it fresh

Sometimes, change can be scary, but in the world of marketing it is necessary. Your customers are being shown new things all day, every day. So if you want to maintain their attention, you’re going to have to use new methods that are up-to-date and fresh. Otherwise, you will be perceived as “old and tired”, which doesn’t really cut it in advertising.


This doesn’t mean you have to rebrand or change the general intent of your message. It just takes a new voice, a new image or a new slogan to keep your material interesting.This is especially vital in your website and/or app material, which is usually the first place people land when they want what you have to offer. Your website isn’t something you should let sit and go stagnant after you’ve developed it. Keep updating things to stay with the current trends that work, even if that’s something as simple as a regular upload of a new blog piece.


4. Implement video

There is no denying that video is where it’s at right now! If you aren’t in the process of incorporating video somewhere in your marketing plan, you are at high risk of falling behind. Several studies have shown the average customer’s attention span is a mere eight seconds or less! How will you grab them and keep them?


Eight seconds isn’t very long (unless you’re atop a mammoth bucking bull of course!). So there is a need for interesting openers and images that will draw your visitors to stick around. Statistics show that video is effective in not only gaining attention, but also increasing customer engagement and building trust. No wonder so many companies are plugging video into their web content!


Ultimately, you want to stand out with your own point of difference, regardless of how many other businesses are offering similar products or services. Put your own spin on the current trends and know your customers! Look at what’s already working for the people you want to reach, then incorporate that into your marketing strategy.

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