White hat vs Black hat SEO

Black or white hat SEO, which one of the two is going to drive you results? The answer is both; however, there are repercussions involved in black hat SEO. In the case of white hat SEO, the results will not become visible overnight but the process will generate results for as long as you wish to remain in business.

Black hat SEO and how it works:

In short, black hat SEO is about cheating the system for driving fast results in as short as 72 hours.

Keep in mind that even if you succeed breaking the system, sooner or later the search engine will find you and make your website obsolete.

This is the very reason why Google releases newer updates every year.

You can read more about Google Panda by clicking the highlighted portion of the text.

This technique is intended solely to ensure lightning fast results, during cases when you haven’t really attached a long term vision to a business.

Techniques implemented for black hat SEO:

  • Using spin or duplicate articles, often scraped from year old/expired domains.
  • Content automation process that has no value for visitors, which builds up links that are low quality.
  • With “gateway pages” targeting a wrong keyword, however, users get redirected to an entirely different website.
  • Carrying out negative campaigning for toppling a competitor.
  • Buying out a lot of backlinks, although it falls on the grey hat hacking criteria.

White hat SEO and its functions:

Unlike its counterpart, the white hat SEO is meant for human audiences only, just like you and I. Moreover, the processes involve strategies that are approved by Google, based on which the search engine will be ranking your website.

The only downfall is that the results begin to show between 6 to 8 months of regular maintenance of your website.

These are the only practices to be followed if you have a solid plan for attaining your goals at some point in the future.

Techniques in white hat SEO link building:

Keep in mind that the following are the only strategies that Google approves of and will rank your website based on how closely you follow as well as practice them.

  • Quality and relevant backlinking with other websites and it must act as a positive vote to your platform.
  • Must have well researched and extensive contents that your target niche finds useful.
  • Proper keyword analysis and later using thoroughly without overstuffing those words.
  • Your website must be optimized for faster loading.

Following the practices above as well as updating your website(s) routinely will undoubtedly make search engines rank your platform over others.

Let’s go through the major differences between black hat and white hat SEO practices again.

  • White hat SEO is optimized for human audiences only, and then for search bots.
  • There is a significant time difference between white and black hat SEO.

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