We live in a world where everything moves fast. We’re not just talking about cars and trends here. Our eyes and brains are being bombarded with more information every minute than ever before. This has caused a shift in how people decide to give their time and attention to some things, especially marketing materials. So how do you keep up? What will you do to grab that precious time and limited attention of your target
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The term UX (or user experience) is used a lot these days. It’s a relatively new term for businesses to get used to, but not new to the tech industry in general. But what actually is it? What does it really mean, and why should you care? User experience is defined as: “the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or
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Everywhere we look, our eyes, ears and minds are bombarded with advertisements. That goes for every one of YOUR customers, too! So how can you break away from the rest? How will you grab your customers’ attention when they’re exposed to thousands of pieces of advertising every single day? Here are four tips that will help you stand out from the digital noise.   1. Speak TO them, not AT them. The human brain is
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Most people in business today realize the benefits of utilizing social media for their marketing. But many find it a difficult terrain to traverse. It can even be a bit intimidating. So we’ve put together a list of some of the things you’ll want to consider when making plans for a successful Facebook marketing campaign.   1. Fill in All of Your “About” Sections and Take Advantage of Your Header Image The first step in
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