As mobile technology continues to improve, the app developers must keep in mind how certain tech stack should be used or manipulated for designing mobile apps. The tech stack for mobile apps enables you to monitor, scale and keep track of changes to your app while making sure the software is able to carry out all your requirements flawlessly. After you have finished reading this article, you will know the right tech stack for mobile
Mobile App Development
Whenever you hear the phrase “app development” as a programmer, what names do you recall first, Objective – C, Swift or Java? These days there are much easier technologies to design software applications for both iOS as well as Android, among which Xamarin has been really popular. After reading this post you will get pretty much familiar with Xamarin programming and to what extent this could limit as well as expand the potential of your
Web Development
Black or white hat SEO, which one of the two is going to drive you results? The answer is both; however, there are repercussions involved in black hat SEO. In the case of white hat SEO, the results will not become visible overnight but the process will generate results for as long as you wish to remain in business. Black hat SEO and how it works: In short, black hat SEO is about cheating the
Digital Marketing
We live in a world where everything moves fast. We’re not just talking about cars and trends here. Our eyes and brains are being bombarded with more information every minute than ever before. This has caused a shift in how people decide to give their time and attention to some things, especially marketing materials. So how do you keep up? What will you do to grab that precious time and limited attention of your target
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