Many business owners are concerned about the security of their WordPress website. The main question is whether or not it’s possible to completely secure a WordPress website. Or will you always be stuck fearing someone hacking your site and wreaking havoc? The thought is that an open source script is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. However, this isn’t entirely true. In many cases, the lack of security is down to the user’s fault, usually
When designing a website, put yourself into the position of the visitor of your website.   Why do they come to your website? Can they see what they are looking for? Can they find it easily? Is there enough information available to them?   Finding answers to these questions is key when starting off with your website design. It only takes seconds for people to make up their mind about whether or not your website
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Now, more than ever, we live in an “on-the-go” world. Consumers are engaging with websites through their mobile devices on a daily basis. That’s why your website needs to be responsive to the market. Here are six mobile-friendly design feature that you should be incorporating in your website design if you want to engage your users where they’re spending the most time looking. 1. Ease of Navigation There once was something called “hamburger navigation” that
What Exactly is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics service that monitors the interactions on your website. According to Wikipedia, it is “the most widely used web analytics service on the internet”. It lets website owners track how viewers of their website interact with the content of their website. This means, they are able to draw conclusions on the quality and performance of their website, the generated sales and/or downloads, the time
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