In today’s world, with an ever-increasing amount of information and products readily available at your fingertips, customers are well informed and can easily choose between a variety of companies and providers. The need to stand out is therefore more crucial than ever.   As it is five times more expensive to attract new customers than to retain your existing ones, what can you do to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty? What can you do to
Digital Marketing
What is worse than an ineffective spend in your business? When that spend causes lasting damage that costs more money to rectify! There is absolutely no doubt that bad SEO costs your company dearly. These days many companies, of all sizes and types, are hiring SEO agencies to try to improve their rankings on Google. Unfortunately, the people in charge of this task are often doing so with inadequate or even wrong information due to
Web Development
In part one of this series we looked at some of the pitfalls that many budding WordPress users may fall into, such as forgetting to backup your site or going overboard with glitzy plugins and extras. This time we’re going to look at a few of the subtler details that might pass the average DIY-er by, and see how to give your new website-in- the-works its best start in life. So … where were we?
So you’ve got yourself a WordPress website. Don’t worry – that’s a good thing! WordPress is said to rule the web, powering a third of the 10 million most popular websites. And deservedly so: it’s free, easy to use, and almost infinitely customizable. Of course, with that flexibility comes the potential for errors, some of which may never occur to a budding website builder. Again – don’t worry! That’s the point of this post and
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