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Ten Things A Great Animated Explainer Video Should Have 0

Who doesn’t enjoy learning something new? Where would Google be if we weren’t keen on soaking up information and quelling our curiosity? Your audience is part of that group! No matter who they are or what they do, an explainer video is perfect for just about any target audience.


An animated explainer video is usually a short clip that engages the audience and explains a bigger concept. They’re light, entertaining and informative, but also very versatile for a variety of purposes. From helping a startup explain their business and services to a large corporation using one to roll out a new product, animated explainer videos have a vast array of uses.


In short, they are one of the most effective ways to quickly share a big idea with your audience. But that does require the video to have some key ingredients in order for it to be most effective in doing so. We have that list of must-haves right here, ready for you to soak up!


1. Have a good script.


It’s all fine and well to be funny and clever with your words, but great scripting involves a bit of planning too. You want to ensure the right questions are being answered before you even start. Make a creative brief before you begin writing your script in order to establish a plan, determine problems and their solutions as well as setting the proper tone for your video. Once you have this outline in place, it’s time to start on the actual words.


2. Get to the point.


Your audience may be curious, but they’re also busy. They don’t have time for rambling, so be confident and concise in delivering your message. You already know the viewer is interested in what you have to say because he/she has clicked on your video! Now get in there and let them have it.


3. Know your audience.


Although you might like to sell to everyone, it’s not going to happen. That’s why it’s important to consider the age, gender, background and interests of your target audience with every decision you make regarding your marketing. Even the decision to make an animated explainer video should depend somewhat on your audience.


4. Communicate brand value.


You’ve heard it already, good advertising implements emotions–it makes the audience feel something. So don’t rely on using your animated explainer video to simply list features. People want to know how things are going to impact them. Tell the viewer how your product or service is going to be life-changing, even it it seems painfully obvious to you. Consider what you’d rather hear if you were the customer watching the video.


5. Think visual.


Of course, the core message of your video is the most important element, but it should never be the only element! Engage your audience by making your idea jump out at them through the screen. Show them a picture of a sunset instead of telling them about it with just words. Visuals bring things “home” for your audience. You can use an animated explainer video to make a good thing appear extraordinary!


6. Be fun.


Keep the tone of your explainer video light and enjoyable, it’s meant to be smooth, simple and straightforward. You can add a few bells and whistles to make sure the viewer walks away understanding the main points of your message, but don’t overload it with unnecessary details or information. They’re looking for the syllabus, not an entire semester of class notes!


7. Find the right music.


It’s a proven scientific fact that music triggers our mindset and mood. Epic orchestral sounds might make us feel excited and invigorated, while folk music comes across as whimsical and fun. Some tones draw out wonder and curiosity, others convey technical and intricate thought. It’s safe to say, a little melody goes a long way!


8. Utilize a good voice over or font.


Whether your animated video uses voice or font to tell the story, make sure it fits with the look, feel and tone of the video and the message you want to relay. If you’re using a voice artist, be sure to choose a professional whose sound will resonate with your audience. And if you’re using text alone, you want to be sure the font is not distracting or difficult to read.


9. Have a call to action.


Think about how you want your audience to feel when they’re done watching your video, then give them a tool to follow through. If you’ve done your work properly, you won’t need to beg people to take action, they’ll already be thinking, “What now?” That’s when you hit them with a call to action–a little nudge to visit your website or give you a call. Make it easy for them to do it.


10. Make people want to share it.


If your animated explainer video is captivating, funny, charming or enchanting, it is highly likely the viewer will want to share it. That’s one of the best compliments and results you could ask for! So before you finalize your video and make it available to the world, ask yourself if it is something you’d want to tell your friends about.



So there you have it. We’ve given you ten qualities every great animated explainer video should have. It’s all about balance: Explain; don’t lecture. Engage; don’t bore. Enchant; don’t demand. Now it’s up to you to decide if creating an explainer video is the right move for your audience. Odds are pretty favorable, so what are you waiting for?

Top Five Reasons to Use Animated Explainer Videos 0

It’s no secret that a large portion of the population is made up of people who are visual learners. As a matter of fact, 90% of the information our brains receive is visual. So it is no wonder Animated Explainer Videos have become a widely-used tool for digital marketing. Here are our Top Five reasons to consider about Animated Explainer Videos.

1. More Affordable

Your budget for this type of video is SET, regardless of where imagination takes    the video content, it all sits under the work of a team of digital content creators.  No actors, no location fees, no extra sound/video equipment, no surprises.  You get to be part of the entire process in helping build the script, the message, the characters and the voice.

2. Faster Delivery

Can you imagine how long it takes to organize a video production in real life? The actors, the location(s), the equipment, the scripts, the wardrobe, make up, etc., etc.? It’s a huge undertaking and requires a lot of directing and editing (even MORE costs!).  With animated explainer videos, none of that has to be fit into multiple schedules.  The script is prepared, ideas for graphics discussed and then the team builds your video, usually in as little as 2-3 weeks.

3. Brand Consistency

Your branding, tone, characters and company colors can all be integrated seamlessly in an animated explainer video.  This builds a consistent message that fosters trust with your customers.  Plus, because of the speed at which a new video can be produced, any changes to your industry/service/products/etc. can quickly be implemented to keep your message up-to-date.

4. Less Invasive

Animated videos cut through the digital “noise”. That’s right, content overload is happening everywhere we look. In order to stand out, businesses are seeking alternative methods of marketing.  Animated Explainer videos filter out the unnecessary and bring the viewer ONLY the relevant information.

5.  Attention Grabbing

Animation provides a very rich visual medium that can have more power and creativity than others because of its limitless ability to express even complex things.  If it can be imagined, it can be animated.

There are plenty of other reasons to go with animated videos too, but these five should tempt you to give it a try!  It’s an affordable option that will appeal to your customers’ senses and help you engage with them.

Why Animated Explainer Videos? 0

There’s no denying the increased popularity of animated videos being used in digital marketing, but do you know WHY they are so effective?  Here’s a quick run-down of some of the many benefits of this growing content format.

The Power to Explain

When you’re talking with someone, it’s a little easier to get your point across in a way that is understood by your audience.  But when you’re relying on the content to deliver your message WITHOUT your personal presence, there can be a lot of confusion if the message isn’t delivered well.  That’s where animation allows you to synthesize the most complex concepts, make them easy to explain and easier for people to learn.  Plus. it’s done in a quick and visually entertaining way.

Scientifically speaking, a video is far more effective as a marketing/advertising tool than text or audio alone.  Studies show that 80% of people remember what they saw and what they did, as opposed to only 20% of people remembering the information they read and only 10% remembering what they heard. That’s a significant reason alone for incorporating video into your marketing!

No Boundaries

Whether you want to create a beautiful landscape, a bustling city or an intergalactic background, there is no limit to what can be achieved with animated explainer videos!  Your characters, locations, actions and message are all wrapped up under the same budget.  The only limit is imagination!

One of the main reasons why these animated videos have become such a popular form of content for most marketers is that they don’t just combine visual elements and add a bit of sound. Explainer videos tell powerful stories in an engaging way by using audiovisual elements to explain how a product or service works. This keeps viewers around longer, engaged with the video and thus seeing the call to action at the end.


Your colors and logos are key to building familiarity and trust with your customers.  With an animated explainer video, it’s easy to apply them all over.  Because this type of video can be totally customized, you’re able to use the colors, styles, mood and characters of your brand to build brand awareness.

Imagine a “traditional” video, where wardrobe, locations, equipment and scripts are all part of the equation.  Not only will it be more difficult and expensive to organize, but the consistency of branding becomes nearly impossible to achieve.  Through animated videos, though, the colors are easily integrated into every screen, your logo can be present at all times if wanted, and the “characters” are completely under the control of the animation experts creating your video.

In Conclusion:

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s safe to say visual content is quickly dominating the internet world. Don’t fight it, and don’t get left behind. You can start including original images, infographics, and videos in your content right now!

If it’s standing out and producing useful content you want to achieve, then animated explainer videos is the way to go.  You’ll find greater engagement with your audience, gain more recognition online, and yield better results with your content marketing strategy.